Nightland – kaseta dla C64 i Plus/4

The sun has died and dense darkness flooded the realms, laden with frightening creatures. Only the Fortified Citadel is a safe heaven in this cursed land. But few are welcome within its holy walls: the first who reaches it will find the gates wide open, the others will wander in darkness, forever…

„The Nightland” is a fantasy board game on your Commodore! Roll the die and move the pawns, the computer will guide you through the grim darkness of the land. Experience the events on the board and discover new adventures hidden within the 8-bit code.

The physical release offers more content than the digital version:

  • support for two human players,
  • exclusive loading screen,
  • more random encounters.

You can pre-order the tape in Our Little Shop.

In a glossy small factor cardboard box you will find:

  • tape with the game data recorded for two systems: Commodore 64 and Plus/4,
  • game board,
  • 2 wooden pawns,
  • six sided dice,
  • foam insert.

You can check the digital version of the game at Alessios page.


Game and code by Alessio Scanderebech,
inspired by the album of Otto Wlazlo & HDK.

Loader picture by Raffox.

Ozmoo spell by Johan Berntsson & Fredrik Ramsberg.

C64 tape loader by Richard Bayliss and Martin Piper.
PLUS/4 tape loader by Luca/FIRE and Basman.

Art by William McAusland and Tithi Luadthong.

Polaris font by Damien Guard.

HDK 32 † THE NIGHTLAND album is available at Anna Maria e Giorgio.