Underwater Collection – wyjątkowy kartridż C64

Collection of four games that have a common theme. This time, we are going to get wet! The games were selected to provide a diverse set of genres. You will be able to experience a mystic adventure, fight an evil submarine fleet or test your skills with an arcade game.

Polska wersja strony ten strony już wkrótce.

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In a small factor cardboard box you will find:

  • exclusive cartridge with a sonar-like special effects,
  • an 8 pages booklet with a manual for the game,
  • a metal keychain with nautical theme,
  • a round badge with art from Ray Fish DX,
  • a small jeans bag to keep the goodies safe,
  • a postcard closely related to Dagon’s Awakening,
  • a waterproof sticker with art from Sub Chase 64.

List of games included in this collection:

Dagon’s Awakening

by Vintage Computing Carintha & Bobr.Games

This game will have it’s premiere on the cartridge

Game features

  • Adventure game inspired by works of H.P. Lovecraft.
  • More than one path to reach the conclusion.
  • Multiple endings.
  • Each stage of the game has it’s own music track.
  • Keyboard and joystick support.


Code by Wilfried Elmenreich
Graphics and level design by Martin Roscher
Music by Emre Cakir
Story by Łukasz Bobrecki
Logo by Raffox
Testing by Louie Dimovski


by CDR64

Visit author’s page and check the digital version of the game:

Game features

  • Keyboard and joystick support.
  • PETSCII title screen.
  • Four types of blocks.
  • Krakens!


Programming by Blackthorn
Music, sounds and graphics by Politopo

Sub Chase 64

by Karsten Senkel

Visit author’s page and check the digital version of the game:

Game features

  • 8 different enemies.
  • 3 game modes for 1 or 2 player simultaneously.
  • Weapon upgrades.
  • Balanced difficulty curve.
  • Highscore table.


Programming, graphics and sound by Karsten Senkel

Ray Fish Deluxe

by The New Dimension

Visit author’s page and check the digital version of the game:

Game features

  • Special front end presentation with hi score table.
  • Awesome Ray Fish sound track remixes done in Sid Factory 2.
  • Smooth scrolling with an enhanced sprite multiplexor.
  • Smart in game background animation.
  • Random power ups for both players.
  • Enemy smart aim functions.
  • Mean end of level bosses.


Programming by Martin Piper and Richard Bayliss
Graphics and music by Richard Bayliss
Level design and additional sprites by Alf Yngve
Tape loader system by Martin Piper and Richard Bayliss
Loading bitmap and front end logo by Hugues (Ax!s) Poisseroux

Cover art by Jan Lorek
Cartridge menu graphics by Lobo