Check out the list below, where we placed links to our friends websites and channels. We know the people working there and we can assure you, that materials they produce are highest quality.

Komoda and Amiga + – retro magazine, where it all began and where Bobr.Games originated. Best Friends Forever <3

Protovision – if you would like to make a bigger retro-order take a look there. Usually our cartridges are available there as well!

Freeze64 – retro magazine made with a lot of love covering everything related to Commodore 64.

RetroGamerNation – YouTube channel about old and new retro games for multiple platforms.

Saberman – YouTube channel where you can find gameplay from all of the new retro games shortly after they are released. – Italian website with a lot of Commodore related information.

NX_Arcade_PL – custom arcade stick manufacturer.