Synthia in Cyber Crypt – exclusive cartridge C64

One of the most interesting games created with Shoot’em Up Construction Kit as there is no shooting at all. This is an adventure game similar to the “Dizzy” series. Help Synthia, a cybernetic organism survive in an hazardous environment and save her mother from an unknown danger.

You can order the cartridge in our Beaver’s Shop.

In a glossy small factor cardboard box you will find:

  • exclusive cartridge wrapped with optical fiber with light effects (check video),
  • 12 pages manual booklet with introduction story and manual,
  • a folded map presenting the world of the game,
  • futuristic ID card, belonging to the creator of “Synthia”,
  • a sticker.

Humanity is doomed. The scientists who had been working on AI replacements to help the survivors of the atomic war have been killed by their latest model. One obsolete HEC-80 is our last hope.

Control HEC-80 with joystick in either port. Go around each room, picking up objects (which will reappear) in order to solve a clue/obstacle in specific rooms. The objects are placed around each screen, and cannot be lost. Simply remember what they are, where they are and try to use what you have picked up using the fire button.

Can HEC-80 save the world?

If you prefer digital version, please visit TND’s page.


Game design, graphics, and sound effects: Eleanor Burns
Front end programming, password system and enhancements: Richard Bayliss
Additional programming enhancements: Eleanor Burns
Cover art: Simon Butler
Loading screen: Raffox