Robot Jet Action – cartridge C64

Robot Jet Action is a classic arcade-style platform game for the Commodore 64. The game was created as part of the Commodore computer enthusiast portal: In the game, the player controls a small robot with a joystick. Use the fire button to activate the jetpack, by holding down the fire button, the Robot flies higher and higher. 

You can order the cartridge in our Beaver’s Shop.

In a small factor cardboard box you will find:

  • cartridge with a 3d sticker in a foam insert,
  • an 8 pages booklet with a manual for the game,
  • two magnets with the robot,
  • a postcard,
  • a sticker.

Game Features:

  • 35 challenging levels on five planets.
  • Each planet refers to some old retro game or games.
  • The map allows you to choose a planet/world on which the player wants to start the journey.
  • Level with a boss at the end of each planet/world.
  • The player decides whether he wants to collect all the items and be PERFECT or go to the next level as quickly as possible.
  • Extra lives can be collected. One extra life in each world/planet.
  • C64 hi-res graphics in the rarely used ECM graphics mode.
  • Great dedicated music composed by one of the best contemporary composers operating on the C64 scene.
  • An animated intro introducing the atmosphere of the game.
  • An animated end-sequence when the player succeeds in completing all the levels.
  • Works on a real 40-year-old Commodore 64/128 and on an modern emulator.
  • Source code of the game is available at

If you prefer digital version, please visit Carrion’s page.


Idea, design, programming, graphics: Tomasz ‘Carrion’ Mielnik.
Music and sound effects: Kamil ‘Jammer’ Wolnikowski.
Cover Art: Tomasz ‘Carrion’ Mielnik.