Toilet Games Collection – cartridge C64

This release contains three games that are related by theme. Well, the theme is kind of shitty… You know, you will be avoiding toilet paper rolls, hovering on your farts or saving the world from the cosmic posteriors…

If you like toilet jokes, you will love these games 😉

You can order the cartridge in our Beaver’s Shop.

In a glossy small factor cardboard box you will find:

  • a cartridge in a foam insert with a 3D sticker,
  • 8 page booklet with a manual for all of the games,
  • a small round badge with toilet paper (do not use in an actual toilet),
  • a silly postcard with a pixelated posterior,
  • a sticker.

List of games included in this collection:

Scuttlebutt 64 – Behind Enema Lines

game by Karl Hörnell

Kung Poo Fighter

Game programmed and all graphics by Roy Fielding
Music arranged by Roy Widding

Fart Escape

Code by Dozznar
Music by Cadaver
Senior coder assistant: Vulgus IV
Graphics assistant: Daoor4

Cover art by Jan Lorek