Dagon’s Awakening – cartridge C64

In this game, created in a collaboration between Vintage Computing Carinthia and Bobr.games you take on the role of a member of the Esoteric Order of Dagon who is on his way to perform a ritual to awaken Dagon, a giant ancient with a visage enough to drive mortals insane. The setting is inspired by the stories of H.P. Lovecraft and the game has several endings. Enjoy!

You can pre-order the cartridge in our Beaver’s Shop.

In a glossy small factor cardboard box you will find:

  • cartridge with a 3d sticker in a foam insert,
  • an Elder Sign amulet,
  • a 12 page manual booklet,
  • a mini-poster with a comic,
  • a postcard,
  • a waterproof sticker.

This release of “Dagon’s Awakening” has a few enhancements compared to the version published on the Underwater Collection:

  • new full screen intro and ending graphics by Igor Errazkin,
  • full translation into 7 additional languages: German, French, Polish, Slovene, Italian, Spanish and Catalan,
  • manuscript integrated into the game, as an item.

If you prefer digital version, please visit Frodewin’s itch.io page.


Code: Wil Elmenreich
Graphics and level design: Martin Roscher
Music: Emre Cakir
Story: Łukasz Bobrecki
Logo: Raffox
Title and ending screens: Igor Errazkin
Testing: Louie Dimovski, Marsha Roscher

Cover art: Wioletta Mularz
Comic: Marsha Roscher
Cartridge menu graphics: Martin Roscher
Additional help: Darro99


Deutsch: Wil Elmenreich
Français: Wil Elmenreich, Hafsa Bousbiat
Polski: Łukasz Bobrecki
Slovensko: Miha Grčar
Italiano: Giuseppe Catalano
Español, Català: Bieno Martí Braitmaier