Retrosouls Collection – cartridge C64

This double release contains two games from Retrosouls Team: “Old Tower” and “Alter Ego”. Both games have a tiny character to control. This does not relate to the amount of fun that these games offer!

To succeed in both “Alter Ego” and “Old Tower” you need to practice not only your skill, but also your wits. These games may look like regular platform games, but there is a lot of thinking and planning involved in actual gameplay.

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In a glossy small factor cardboard box you will find:

  • a cartridge in a foam insert with a 3D sticker,
  • 8 page booklet with a manual for both of the games,,
  • an ornamented metal coin, just like the one you are picking up in “Old Tower”
  • a postcard with a graphic theme from “Alter Ego”,
  • a sticker.

Old Tower


Game by Denis Grachev
Music by Oleg Nikitin
Pixels by Ivan Seleznev
Thanks to Artem Vasilyev
Inspired by “Tomb of the Mask” from Playgendary

Alter Ego


Game by Denis Grachev

Visit author’s page and check the games:

Cover art by Mega Cat Studios